Beth Moore 2023

Beth Moore, Chief Memory Maker

Hi! I'm Beth!

I started Magic and Moore Travel in 2020 because I love to travel and love to help people. During the global pandemic in 2020, travelers lost money and the opportunity to make memories - and some of this could have been avoided or planned better with the help of a travel advisor! So, here I am. Ready to help you and your family travel the world to wherever you'd like to go!

I love all things cruising and Disney. I have been honored to help clients plan trips worldwide, though! No trip is too big or too small for me to help!

I can't wait to help you make memories with your family through travel. Contact me today for help with your next trip!

Alicia Adams, Travel Advisor

I'm Alicia! 

I have always loved traveling whether it was a road trip with my family growing up, my three trips as a teacher with groups of 40 students in Europe and Australia, or a cruise or trip to Disney! It is so hard to choose what I love more because they are all such unique experiences. As long as I have something booked, I am happy! 

I have always been the travel planner and LOVE helping others have a great trip, starting with their vision and working out the details. 

Let me help book your next vacation!